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John Alver Dobson

Lisa Dobson

Gilmer Yovanni Castro Nieto

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Andreina Moros Ochoa

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John Alver Dobson Ph.D.

As a college student, I started my own business, called South of the Border Imports.  At 20, I hopped in my car, drove from Canada to Mexico, bought handicrafts, and drove back to Canada.  On the way down, I slept in my car and on the way back I slept on top of my car.  Reflecting on my experiences, I did not know what I did not know about becoming a successful entrepreneur, but I was curious, adaptable, and resilient. I learned by doing, from others, and by working together. Over time, I was able to figure it out and became a successful entrepreneur.


I successfully ran my business for 21 years prior to selling it. My business was prosperous and well known within the community and across the country. As a result, I was invited to give guest lectures and eventually to teach a course on new venture development. I enjoyed teaching and after I sold my business I decided to pursue teaching entrepreneurship as a second career. I wanted to become an effective professor, so I returned to continue my studies at the London School of Economics in Development Management and completed my Doctorate from the University of Manchester in the UK.


My practice focuses on helping entrepreneurs in marginalized communities to improve their lives through market-based solutions.


Currently, I am an associate professor at Clark University and I teach Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship courses at Harvard University.

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Gilmer Yovanni Castro Nieto Ph.D.

With a Doctorate Degree in Economics and Business Administration, specialized in administration, financial administration and information management, Dr. Yovanni Castro Nieto has a lot to offer as a Director with the DYME Institute. He has rich experience in management of business projects practicing implementing management models based on people. 


Much of his research focuses on CSR, values, leadership, marketing, organizational design, and quality of service. Together, with the research groups to which he belongs, he has published works such as: Corporate Social Responsibility: Competitiveness and cases of good practice in SMEs; The Current Context and the Foundations of Innovative Management: The emotionally intelligent company; Global Companies and Leadership in Sustainability; and so many more. 


Currently, he maintains a position of Associate Professor and Researcher at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. He is also Academic Coordinator of Process and Management Theory, as well as director of the Academic Program of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Business Models. In addition, he is on the editorial board of the Javeriana Magazine and a member of the Consortium of Emotional Intelligence of the Basque Country. 

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Lisa Dobson M.A.

Lisa is an experienced social entrepreneur with over 25 years of international business experience and a Masters of Adult Education and Community Stream. She researches and implements engaging and successful learning experiences in entrepreneurial learning, reflective learning, self-determined learning, and English as a second language. She is passionate about working with different cultures along with connecting formal and informal education for faculty and students.


The main objective of her work is to leverage peoples’ soft skills, knowledge, and abilities through learning with confidence and self-efficacy. Creating thriving lifelong learners and entrepreneurs who bolster their lives, communities, and businesses. She is an Instructor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Clark University. She is active in consulting, as well as adjunct teaching for academic and professional English Second Language. Lisa finds narrowing, and closing learning gaps for success in the real world is empowering for the learner and rewarding work.

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Andreina Moros Ochoa Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing

CESA | Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración

I have my Doctorate in Economics and Business Management from Deusto Business School, San Sebastián, Spain 2011. My undergraduate degree is in Business Administration from the Universidad del País Vasco, Bilbao, Spain 2006. I have a Certificate of Regional Development from Deusto Business School- Harvard University, San Sebastián, Spain 2004. I have my masters in Finance from Universidad Católica del Táchira, Venezuela 2001 and my undergraduate degree in accounting from the Universidad Católica del Táchira, Venezuela 1999. Accounting. Undergraduate Degree. Universidad Católica del Táchira, Venezuela 1998.

Most recently, I completed the DYME Institute Certificate (2019) in Problem-based Teaching and learning in Boston.  I am excited about teaching this course at my home institution. It will be the first time that this course is taught in Colombia.  I am teaching it to my undergraduate students at CESA University.  The University has a mission of developing the next generation of leaders in Colombia.

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