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Main Street Entrepreneur

Welcome to the Main Street Entrepreneur program. There is a lot of hype around high tech start-ups, but this only accounts for about 0.02% of new business and job creation. We focus on the other 99.98% of business start-ups. If you have an idea, we help you develop that idea into a viable business opportunity.  No experience necessary.  You might be a recent immigrant or born and breed American. We help people that want to start a business and realize the American dream.   Our mission is to help you start a successful business. Classes are taught in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French Creole.


Join us in unlocking your business potential and building your American dream.


The Main Street Entrepreneur program is a comprised of three courses; venture start-up, venture growth, and the food truck practicum, 


Each course comprises of comprehensive 7-week program.  The course is built around research on how entrepreneurs learn to become entrepreneurs. 


Venture Start Up

Venture Startup, a transformative course designed to take the nascent entrepreneur from a vague idea into a viable business opportunity.


The students use the DYME methodology to complete 7 entrepreneurial sprints to develop and test their hypothesis. With the goal of developing product/market fit.


Venture Growth

Venture Growth, is designed for existing business owners that want to grow their business.  This is the same award-winning course that Dr. Dobson developed and taught at Harvard University for many years. 


Using the DYME methodology, Business owners will create an organizational climate of creativity and innovation that will help them solve ‘sticky’ problems at work.


Food Truck Practicum

The food truck class is designed for students that want to get into the food or hospitality business.  The students get to start and run their own food truck business.  They will take an idea and develop it into real business. Navigating the regulatory requirements of launching a food truck business, including getting the required certifications to work in the food industry, and


The course can be visualized as a Venn Diagram of entrepreneurial soft-skills, business hard skills, and community engagement.

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