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Global Projects by DYME Institute

At DYME Institute, we are committed to providing access to world-class entrepreneurship education to marginalized communities around the world.  This is accomplished through three main global programming: Entrepreneurship Education, Training Trainers, Program Development.  The three elements are intertwined into a comprehensive program, but can also be implemented as stand alone initiatives. 


We have worked with almost 50 universities and entrepreneurship centers, training hundreds of technical staff, faculty, and trainers; impacting tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. 

Key Highlights of our Global Projects

Entrepreneurship Education

Our community outreach spans the globe.  We have provided workshops, short courses, and seminars to students, businesses, and nascent entrepreneurs from marginalized communities in developing countries.  Our goal is to use the power of entrepreneurship to lift up marginalized members of marginalized communities.  with partnerships with have reached entrepreneurs in various countries, including Colombia, Mexico, and Spain, among others. These workshops serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, skill development, and networking opportunities.

Training Trainers

We collaborate with educational institutions and organizations worldwide to develop the skills of faculty and staff that are working with nascent entrepreneurs.  The training program uses the awarding winning DYME methodology and the Virtuous Cycle of Entrepreneurship to improve the effectiveness of existing programming.  We focus on give the trainers the fundamental tools required to help the entrepreneur become a successful entrepreneur.

Program Development

The DYME Institute helps organizations that want to improve the impact of their programming.  We offer comprehensive eco-system development that includes curricular, co-curricular, and non-curricular programming.  We equip faculty and staff to create an entrepreneurial climate so nascent entrepreneurs can thrive. Providing your program that is based on research on how entrepreneurs learn to become entrepreneurs.  This structure and system that focuses on entrepreneurial agency and autonomy. 


Our Global Programs

Join us in our mission to transform the entrepreneurial landscape and uplift communities worldwide. Together, we can create a future where every entrepreneur has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

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