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COVID-19 Response, helping those in need with medical masks

As COVID-19 is unfolding, Dr. John Dobson and a group of Clark student/alumni, Yvonne Xinyang (MBA, '21), Liming Wei (B.A., Management, '18), and Xiaohao Huang (B.A., Economics '19) helped donate gowns, surgical masks, and N95 masks for health care providers in need. It is wonderful to see our students using DYME methodology to problem solve during the crisis.

As of today, Dr. Dobson, his students sourced and supplied 250 Medical coveralls to Boston Medical Center, a hospital that is currently on the frontlines of the pandemic. Additionally, the team delivered 10,000 masks to High Crest Nursing Homes for elderly and vulnerable people.

Over the years, Dr. Dobson has taught numerous Chinese students who are now working in China. Through these student’s connections, they were able to source and place orders from FDA approved medical suppliers. Dr. Dobson and his students are continuing to source additional medical supplies and have recently placed additional orders.


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