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Training Trainers in Chilapa, Vera Cruz, Mex.

I had the pleasure of traveling to Chilapa, Vera Cruz, Mexico to work with a community-based project designed to build sustainable businesses. The project involves 250 families, who are growing flowers that are sold in Mexico City. The goal is to provide meaningful work for them and the children, while earning enough money so that their husbands do not have to travel north for work. The land is very fertile, as the communities sit at the base of the Pico de Orizaba (the tallest volcano in Mexico).

I worked with 15 of the leaders of the project to introduce the DYME methodology to help them solve 'sticky' problems that they face in their projects. We modified some of the tools as some of the participants were illiterate. They were able to develop some 'quick wins' and identify some medium and longer term goals.

The day-long program ended with a mass by Father Evaristo. Thank you to everyone that is involved.

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