Training Trainers Mexico City Sept 2-3, 2022

September 2-3, we will be conducting a training trainers workshop for 40 NGOs and organizations working to improve the lives of marginalized groups with Mexican Society. The workshop is co-sponsored by Anahuac University and Foundation Accion Misericordia.

The participating NGOs run the spectrum from rural and remote to Urban. One of the groups is Mas Alto, a flower co-operative that works with 250 families in Chilapa, Vera Cruz.

Another group, works with prostitutes La Merced (right downtown Mexico City). They are developing herbal/organic soap and shampoo business, so that they can have other income generating options. There is another group working with homeless people.

These groups spend countless hours helping improve the lives of many families. I am honored that, the DYME institute has been invited in to help improve this incomes, lifting families out of poverty and charting a new course for them and their families.

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